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“This thought-provoking novel portrays the absurdity of our overbearing government bureaucracy with a story that is entertaining and fast-paced. The Taxman Cometh will become part of our national dialogue about taxes and freedom. And it’s funny as hell. Author Jim Greenfield is a cross between Ayn Rand and Monty Python. If enough people read this hilarious ‘man versus state’ book, the IRS will be put out of business, which is okay with me.”
— Grover Norquist Quotes
President, Americans for Tax Reform

Media Rave Reviews for
The Taxman Cometh

“I love a novel that’s funny, and The Taxman Cometh is very funny, delightfully well-written, yet with a serious message about how government bureaucracy affects us all. Read. Enjoy. And if a comparison to Catch 22 pops into your mind, that’s not surprising.”
— Marvin Kalb
Award-winning reporter CBS and NBC News for 30 years,
founding director, Shorenstein Center for Press and Public Policy,
Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, best-selling author

“There have been brilliant satires about the tax bureaucracy before, from the Beatles song ‘The Taxman’ to the film ‘Harry’s War,’ but in some ways Jim Greenfield’s The Taxman Cometh outdoes them all. His tale of a little guy who can’t take it anymore is both compelling and timely, given the tax scandals we read about in Washington almost every day.”
— John Fund
National Review Online columnist
Senior editor, The American Spectator

“Jim Greenfield’s The Taxman Cometh will undoubtedly put a smile on the face of even the most dedicated big government freeloader. In the ‘Everyone Deserves a Trophy’ society we live in, it’s refreshing to know that Jim’s literary voice will cut through the politics, using the American spirit of a used car dealer.”
— Lars Larson
Syndicated radio host Compass Media Networks

“During 14 years in Congress I forced official hearings that exposed a startling abuse of power, lies, harassment, and brute force by the IRS against American citizens. I wrote three books on the subject, including in 1984, ‘To Harass Our People,’ which sold over one million copies. I was rewarded for daring to criticize the IRS with a criminal prosecution and conviction that was later overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court – but not before I served 15 months in federal prison. The Taxman Cometh is fictional, but this compelling story is no worse than today’s scandalous IRS abuses in the real world. I can only hope the government doesn’t retaliate against the author, Jim Greenfield, for telling the truth, like they retaliated against me.”
— Congressman George Hansen
Represented Idaho’s 2nd district 1965 to 1969 and 1975 to 1985
George Hanson

“In The Taxman Cometh, a modern-day David stands up for liberty against bureaucratic Goliath. With the backdrop of reallife IRS scandals, you’ll enjoy this compelling story so much that you’ll scarcely notice you’re being shown a vision of how the future could look without Goliath in our lives.”
—Steve Buckstein
Founder, Cascade Policy Institute