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Taxman Cometh Author Jim Greenfield


Jim Greenfield graduated from Cheltenham High School in suburban Philadelphia, where he played football with future Yankee slugger Reggie Jackson. Jim was a government major at Cornell, where he made the Dean’s List, and was a columnist for the Cornell Daily Sun. He received his J.D. from Penn Law School in 1974, practiced law in Philadelphia, and then in Oregon. Jim opened several used car dealerships and a finance company. You’ll notice that the hero of THE TAXMAN COMETH is a tax cheating used car dealer. This is mere coincidence as Jim swears the story is not autobiographical.

In the 1980’s Jim began investing in real estate. In the 1990’s Jim launched a controversial career as a talk radio host, having programs on several Portland area stations, including KVAN, KUIK, KKGT, KBNP, and KOHI, and on two syndicated networks, the Liberty Network and Talkstar. Jim was fired as a talk host seven times, which he claims was because he was too good. He brags he was fired more times than any other host except Rush Limbaugh, the difference being that Limbaugh now makes $32 million a year. See www.jimgreenfieldshow.com.

Jim served for eleven years on the Board of the Goldsmith Greenfield Foundation, and six years on the Selection Committee for the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Journalism at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, where he worked closely with Directors Marvin Kalb and Alex Jones. Jim ran for Congress in Oregon’s first district in 2002 and 2011. He was soundly defeated, which Jim attributes to his unfortunate habit of telling people what he thinks. Jim has done better as a businessman than as a politician, and has a substantial portfolio of investment properties. Like the hero of THE TAXMAN COMETH, Jim doesn’t like the government because he doesn’t like a bunch of bureaucrats, who aren’t as smart as he is, telling him what to do. That is why he wants to abolish the IRS.

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