Wacko Democratic Plan to Overthrow Election

Let’s break this down.  When Donald Trump foolishly intimated that he might not abide by the election results, Hillary said she was appalled.  She explained that our democracy is based on the peaceful transfer of power following elections, and that democracy only works because the loser accepts the results.  She was right.  But that was then.
Now Hillary and the Democrats refuse to accept the results of the election.  Their frivolous call for vote recounts in three states, using Jill Stein to front the effort, has fallen apart.  So a new desperate ploy emerges.  Try to get the electoral college to overthrow the election results, based on allegations that Russia rigged the election.  
One problem with this strategy is that Russia did not rig the election.  Russia may (or may not) have hacked into Democratic Party emails and selectively released information that damaged Hillary with the electorate.  But that is not the same as rigging the election.  Rigging the election would mean hacking into voting machines and falsifying the results.  No one is claiming that this happened.
The worst that can be claimed is that someone, possibly the Russians, hacked into Democratic emails and released true information.  After hearing that true information, it is possible that some voters changed their minds about whom to vote for.  But that is not the same as rigging an election.  Rigging an election means ballot fraud.  To conflate the two is disingenuous and manipulative.
Even if the Russians hacked the Democrats for the express purpose of throwing the election to Trump, that does not constitute legal grounds for overturning the election results, any more than, say, a politician lying to  voters constitutes grounds to overturn election results.  Once the voters have cast their votes, the election is over.  Why they chose one candidate over the other is irrelevant.
To those of you who want to use some maneuver in the electoral college or otherwise to overturn the election results, I suggest you think it through.  Suppose that by some miracle you were to succeed.  What would happen next?  Do you think Trump and his supporters will say okay, and go quietly into the night?  You know they won’t.  There will be court fights.  There will be street fights.  This would be the worst Constitutional crisis since the Civil War.  There could literally be a civil war (and I mean “literally” in the correct sense of the word’s meaning, i.e. something that actually happens.)  It would be impossible for a new government to take power.  The U.S. would soon resemble a third world country with chaos and fighting that could go on for years.
So instead of pursuing this spurious and dangerous strategy, I suggest Democrats might start focusing on trying to win the 2018 mid-term elections.  Promulgating chaos with this wild scheme  is not likely to help with that goal