THE TAXMAN COMETH – an enjoyable, funny read

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Enjoyable, Funny Read, January 14, 2014


Steve Buckstein (Portland, Oregon)

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This review is from: The Taxman Cometh: Notes from the Underground Economy (Paperback)

Who would have thought that the IRS could be this funny? “The Taxman Cometh” is in the best tradition of irreverent American satire from Mark Twain to “Saturday Night Live.” It makes fun of everything that deserves to be made fun of.

The plot is full of unexpected twists and surprises. It strikes the right balance between realistic and bizarre. The characters are great. The dialogue is clever. The story cruises along at high speed and entertains, even as it makes the point about intrusion into every aspect of our lives by an ever-expanding government bureaucracy.

Integrating troublesome real world events into the story makes it difficult to discern the line between fiction and an increasingly oppressive reality.

Whatever your political persuasion, after reading this novel you may just think twice before tossing out the old cliché that “America is a free country.”

Without giving much away, I will say that the story ends on a relatively high note. I just hope that America’s real story will start doing the same.


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